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MUSIC 212: Advanced Topics in World Music

Resource Evaluation Criteria



  • What is the scope of the source? What is covered? What is omitted?
  • Who is the author or editorial board? Are they knowledgeable in
  • the field?
  • Timeliness: when was the resource written? Is it up-to-date? Does it include new scholarship?
  •  What is their bias?
  • Is the source for a scholarly or popular audience?



Basic Research Method

  • Start with an article in a scholarly encyclopedia for the field
    and read about your topic.
  • As you read decide how you want to focus your research
  • Write down any key words, composers, events, terms--they'll be useful later
  • From that encyclopedia’s bibliography collect relevant articles, books and other resources
  • Consult other appropriate topical reference sources
  • Consult indexes for articles and chapters of books
  • Consult your library’s catalogs for books and other materials.

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