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How Do I Find Books, Articles and Journals?


Once I find a reference to an article, how do I locate it in the Library or online?

  • If you are searching a database, click on ArticleLinker  or Search for Full Text to see if the library has online access.  ArticleLinker will also list any print volumes of the journal that Vassar owns.
  • Or, use the "Journals" tab or "Catalog" tab in the yellow box on the library home page to search for the title of the journal or magazine. We may have the journal in print or electronic form or both.
  • If we have it in print, make sure we have the volume/issue you need.  Write down the call number and location.  
  • Locations for print journals:

    • “Art”, “Music”, or “Microfilm” 
    • “Periodical Room” -- Main Library, 2nd floor
    • "Annex" -- Pre-1970 volumes are most likely in the Annex
    • If the issue you need is recent (last 2-3 years), check the "Latest Received" (e.g. Nature) link to see if it is in the Current Periodical Room (Arrived) or the Periodical Room (Bound).  Both are located on the 2nd floor.  Call number is the same for unbound issues and bound volumes.
  • If the journal is available electronically, databases will be listed on the catalog record.
  • You may also check Journals A-Z for the most up-to-date online access.
  • If we don't have the journal in print or electronically, you can still get a copy of the article by filling out an Interlibrary Loan request.  For details, see Interlibrary Loan Services.

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