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Music 248: Collected Works Assignment

What are collected works editions?

Characteristics of Collected Works editions:

  • The complete works of a single composer (also known as a ‘complete edition’ or ‘Gesamtausgabe’).
  • Valuable for the study of original versions of past music.
  • Prepared on the basis of a critical evaluation of all known primary sources.
  • Designed to present the most authoritative authentic version of its contents to most accurately reflect the composer's intentions.
  • Editorial material clearly distinguished from the original. 
  • ‘Collected editions’ refer to those publications that aim to present a complete repertory
  • Often are issued over years or decades. 
  • Includes critical apparatus:
    • Describes the documentation of variants and designates as editorial whatever is added to the sources.

Collected Works editions differ from "performing" or "practical" editions in the following ways:

  • The ‘practical’ or ‘performance’ editions usually are produced from unstated or secondary sources.
  • They may incorporate additions or changes designed to help the modern performer.


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