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Subject Headings for Genre and National Cinemas

These are examples of subject headings that are useful for creating lists of films from the Vassar Library collection.  Genre subject headings are not always consistently applied, so for example, some of the videos in our collection with "noirish" elements do not have the subject heading "film noir," but the core titles do have this subject heading.

Purpose of Filmographies

Film and Video are notoriously difficult to categorize and index, and it isn't always possible to retrieve the groupings that you want using the subject headings in the catalog.  The Vassar College Library video collection is particularly strong in some of these areas, so we've created these filmographies to help you find what you're looking for.  If you have a suggestion for a filmography, please send it to Gretchen Lieb, Research Librarian (

AFI/BFI Filmographies

The American Film Institute and the British Film Institute frequently issue lists that are great starting points.  Check for the titles in our catalogue, and you'll probably find them.  If you find that we don't have one, or if we have the VHS and you'd like us to replace it with the DVD, request the purchase using an acquisition form.

AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movies - 10th Anniversary Edition

Sight & Sound 2012 Critics' Top 250 Films

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