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Music Library Reserve Services and Policies

Music Library Reserve Services and Policies

Materials placed on reserve at the Music Library are available for in-house use only; Music Library Reserve loans extend to the end of the day or when a user has completed use--whichever is sooner.

With a few exceptions*, they may not circulate outside the Music Library. Reserve materials are available the hours the Music Library is open.

*Exception: Overnight loan for books and scores on Reserve that would normally circulate:
These materials may be taken out of the Music Library on an overnight loan 30 minutes before closing time. They must be returned within 30 minutes after the Music Library opens the following day. Reference books, reference scores, sound recordings, and videos may not be checked out on overnight loan. return overnight materials on time to avoid a $1.00 per hour late fee!

To put materials on Music Library reserve fill out the Music Library Reserve Request Form


Regular Reserve Items
Regular reserve items are for in-house use only and must be returned by the end of the day.  Students accrue a fine of $1.00 for every hour a reserve item is returned beyond closing time.  

Overnight Reserve Items
Circulating books and scores on Music Library Reserve may be checked out overnight one half hour before closing.  These items must be returned within the first half hour of opening the following day.  Students accrue a fine of $1.00 for every hour items are returned beyond this time.