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Up Your Google Game

Google provides a number of useful tools to up your search game.  For instance, to exclude a word use the minus sign (e.g. jaguar -car).  You can also use some of the same advanced search techniques useful in library databases such as using quotation marks to search for a phrase, or using the * as a wildcard to take the place of any word.

However, Google will try to target the results of a search to the profile it has created for you.  Don't passively let Google paint you into a corner!  Try searching in a private/incognito window, editing your Google profile, adjusting your search settings, or targeting your search to a particular site or domain (e.g.

For more information, check out what Google has to say:

Google Advanced Search

Using Google search operators

Changing how Google views you

Use Google Scholar when looking for academic material

Learn What Databases your Library Offers

Many academic libraries have an array of databases to search for scholarly articles, primary source material, older news sources, statistics, etc that cannot be found through Google.  Make a point out of understanding what's available to you as a student.

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